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A Cyber-Bullying Story With a Twist ARTICLE
Adults Get Bullied Too Article
Building an Effective Peer Support Program Article
Bullying and Cyberbullying How to Deal with a Bully and Overcome Bullying ARTICLE
Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace: Resources for Targets and their Allies Article
Children with Disabilities and Bullying Article
Cyberbullying and SEN/disability Article
Cyberbullying and Students with Disabilities Article
Dating with a Disability Article
Disabilities and Intimate Partner Abuse Article
Domestic Violence and Disabled Women: an Abuse of Power Article
Elderly and Disabled Adult Abuse Article
Emotional Abuse of Women with Disabilities Article
Every Child Belongs: Welcoming a Child with a Disability Article
Five Ways to Fight Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Financial Exploitation Article
Get Help Now Article
Grounded in Faith: Resources on Mental Health and Gun Violence Article
How Safe is the Schoolhouse? An Analysis of State Seclusion and Restraint Laws and Policies. Article
Improving Support for Black Disabled People Article
Indicators of Emotional Abuse Article
Latinos with Disabilities in the United States. Understanding and Addressing Barriers to Employment Article
Lessons for Stopping an Adult Cyberbully ARTICLE
Native Americans with Disabilities Don't Get Services Article
Online Dating with a Disability Article
People Share what Dating with a Disability is Actually Like Article
Preventing and Addressing Bullying of Students with ASD Article
Preventing Child Maltreatment:a Guide to Taking Action and Generating Evidence Article
Promoting Positive Social Interactions in an Inclusion Setting for Students with Learning Disabilities Article
Report Cyberbullying Article
Resources for Disabled LGBT People Article
Resources for Native Americans with Disabilities: Advocacy Article
Responding to Abuse and Neglect: Education and Care Training Article
Restraining and Seclusion of Students with Disabilities Article
Service Providers' Perceptions of and Responses to Bullying of Individuals with Disabilities Article
Stop Bullying on the Spot Article
Support the Kids Involved Article
Surviving Workplace Mobbing: Seeking Support Article
The Overlooked History of Black Disabled People Article
The Pain of Verbal Abuse: Impact on People with Disabilities Article
The Second Closet: LGBTs with Disabilities Article
Tips for Talking With and Helping Children and Youth Cope After a Disaster or Traumatic Event: A Guide for Parents, Caregivers, and Teachers Article
Torture Against Children and Adults with Disabilities in the United States Article
Understanding Disabilities in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities: Toolkit Guide Article
Vulnerable Targets: Students with Disabilities and Bullying Article
Who are the Victims of Elder Abuse? The Disabled, Cognitively Impaired, and Poor. Article
Abuse & Exploitation: Aging Matters AudioVideo
Abuse and Neglect of People with a Disability in Group Homes AudioVideo
Abuse of People with Disabilities: A Silent Epidemic AudioVideo
Abuse of Those with Disabilities AudioVideo
Accessible Technology vs. Assistive Technology AudioVideo
Addressing Abuse of Disabled Adults AudioVideo
Building Safe and Healthy Relationships AudioVideo
Bullying Prevention for the Public AudioVideo
Cerebral Palsy and Bullying AudioVideo
Cyber Safety: Keeping Kids Safe in the Digital World AudioVideo
David Hingsberger and Individual to Individual Abuse AudioVideo
Disable Bullying. Lauren Potter (Glee Star) Speaks Out AudioVideo
Elder Abuse: An Overview AudioVideo
Everyone's Responsibility: Preventing Abuse Against People with Disabilities AudioVideo
Group Homes May Put Residents' Safety at Risk AudioVideo
How I Survived Workplace Bullying AudioVideo
I Know My Rights: Self Advocates Share Their Perspectives AudioVideo
Isn't it a Pity? The Real Problem with Special Needs AudioVideo
NPR Special Series: Abused and Betrayed AudioVideo
Nursing Homes Undercover AudioVideo
Police Charge Group Home Caregiver with Assaulting Disabled Adults AudioVideo
Police: Woman Admits Abusing Resident at Group Home AudioVideo
Preventing Abuse in Disability Services AudioVideo
Recognizing and Preventing Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation AudioVideo
Recognizing Elder Abuse AudioVideo
Respect for People With Disabilities AudioVideo
Safeguarding Adults: an Independent Life After Long-term Abuse Within the Family AudioVideo
Seven Short Stories from Self-Advocates AudioVideo
Severely Disabled Student was a Victim of Heinous Sexual Cyberbullying attack AudioVideo
Sex Abuse Against People with Disabilities is Widespread and Hard to Uncover AudioVideo
Sex Trafficking Isn't what you Think it is AudioVideo
Stop Cyberbullying Before the Damage is Done AudioVideo
The Abuse of a Person with an Intellectual Disability AudioVideo
The Bully's Trap AudioVideo
The Four Workplace Bully Types AudioVideo
The Hidden Victim: Sexual Abuse of People with Disabilities AudioVideo
The Sexual Assault Epidemic No One Talks About AudioVideo
The Silent Epidemic: Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Persons with Developmental Disabilities AudioVideo
Two Therapists Share their Stories about the Sexual Assault Epidemic AudioVideo
Victims with Disabilities AudioVideo
Workplace Bullying: The Silent Epidemic AudioVideo
Asian Pacific Americans with Disabilities: Our Stories, Our Lives Blog
Asian-American Children with Disabilities Blog
Coming Out on Being Gay with a Disability Blog
Cyberbullying Blog
Dating with Disabilities Blog
Developmental Disability News Blog
Disability Intel Blog
Disability Thinking Blog
Do It Myself Blog
Domestic Violence and People with Disabilities: What to know, Why it Matters, and How to Help Blog
I Am a Black Woman With a Disability. Hear Me Roar. Blog
Of Battered Aspect Blog
Ouch: Disability Talk Blog
The Disability Channel Blog
The Mighty Blog
When I Stopped Blaming Myself as an Abuse Survivor with a Disability Blog
Disabilities-R-Us Chat Room ChatRoom
National Sexual Assault Hotline ChatRoom
Online Peer Health Support Community- Physical Disability Chat Room ChatRoom
What are Public Schools Required to do when Students with Disabilities are Bullied? Fact Sheet
Abuse of Adults with a Disability FactSheet
Abuse of Children with Intellectual Disabilities FactSheet
Abuse of People with Disabilities FactSheet
Bullying and Children and Youth with Disabilities and Special Health Needs FactSheet
Bullying and Disability Harassment in the Workplace: What Youth Should Know FactSheet
Bullying and Youth with Special Needs FactSheet
Criminal Justice for People with Disabilities FactSheet
Cyberbullying: Bullying in the Virtual World FactSheet
Dating Violence and Bullying FactSheet
How to Prevent Detect, and Report Financial Exploitation in Assisted Living Facilities FactSheet
Human Trafficking FactSheet
Red Flags of Abuse FactSheet
Restraint and Seclusion of Students with Disabilities FactSheet
Say NO to Abuse: Easy Read Guide FactSheet
Sexual Coercion FactSheet
Tip Sheet: Firearm Safety in Domestic Violence Situations FactSheet
Trafficking and Slavery Fact Sheet FactSheet
Victimization of Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury or Other Disabilities FactSheet
What to Do When Your Child is Cyberbullied: Top Ten Tips for Parents FactSheet
23/7 National Child Abuse Hotline Hotline
24/7 Anti-Violence Hotline- English and Spanish Hotline
24/7 Child and Family Services Hotline Hotline
24/7 Crisis Textline Hotline
24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline Hotline
24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline ENGLISH Hotline
24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline- NYC Hotline
24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline- SPANISH Hotline
24/7 Temporary and Disability Assistance Hotline for New York State Hotline
Adult Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Hotline Hotline
Local Police Hotline
National Deaf Hotline Videophone Hotline
National Sexual Assault Hotline Hotline
NY Statewide register of Child Abuse and Maltreatment Hotline
Statewide Toll Free Hotline Hotline
The Child Support Hotline Hotline
Violence Against Women with Disabilities Hotline Hotline
Able Here... Disabled but Able too Website
Accessible Technology Website
Accessible Technology Website
African Americans and the disABILITY Experience Website
Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse and Prevention Website
American Association of People with Disabilities Website
American Foundation for the Blind Website
Autistic Self-Advocacy Network Website
Black, Disabled, and Proud: College Students with Disabilities Website
Bully Online Support and Discussion Forum Website
Center for Disability Rights Website
Center for Disease Control Website
Consent Website
Crippling Injustice for Disabled People in China Website
Cyber Safety: An Interactive Guide to Staying Safe on the Internet Website
Daily Strength Bullying Support Group Website
Disabilities Website
Disability Education and Advocacy Network of WNY (DEAN) Website
Disability Justice Center Website
Disability News for Asia and Pacific Regions Website
Disability Rights International Website
Disability Rights International Website
Disability Rights New York Website
Disability Rights New York Website
Disability Studies at Temple University Website
Disability Support Forum Website
Disability Visability Project Website
Doing Double Time- A Look at the Unique Stakes of Black and Disability Identity Website
Domestic Violence & People with Disabilities Website
Effective Outreach to the GLBT Disability Community Website
Elder Abuse Website
End Abuse of People with Disabilities Website
Gay and Lesbian Youth Services of Western New York Website
Hispanic Access Website
It Gets Better Project Website
It's Happening and We Can Stop It Website
Justice Center for the Protection of People with Special Needs Website
Latinos with Disabilities Website
National Adult Protective Services Association Website
National Black Disability Coalition Website
National Center on Elder Abuse Website
National Council on Independent Living Website
Native American Disability Law Center Website
News Powered by: Inclusion Daily Express Website
Online Community Connected by Disability Website
Online Discussion Forum Website
Outing Disability website
PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center Website
R-Word Spread the Word to End the Word Website
Recover your Life Website
Report Cyberbullying Website
Self-Advocacy Association in NYS Website
Sexual Abuse and People with Disabilities Website
StopBullying Website
Stories About Abuse from Women with Disabilities Website
Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Help Someone Else Website
Temple University's Institute on Disabilities: Advocacy Website
The Arc Website
The Arc: Talk About Sexual Violence Website
The Initiative Website
The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet Website
Violence Against Persons with Disabilities Website
Vulnerable Persons Central Registrar Website
Workplace Bullying Website
Workplace Bullying Institute Website
Wrightslaw Advocacy: Know your Rights Website
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