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Prevent Abuse of People With Disabilities

Abuse can happen to anyone. There are many forms of abuse. Learn more about the types of abuse and who it happens to. Learn what you can do to advocate for prevention.

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Do you or someone you know need help right now? Look through a list of hotlines to report abuse.

Abuse comes in many forms. Learn more about the different types of abuse. Learn the warning signs. Learn how to help victims.

Abuse can happen to anyone. Some groups of people are at more risk than others. People can be abused, neglected, or taken advantage of. Learn about abuse of children, older people, and people in group homes.

Learn ways to take action to stop abuse. Learn about abuse prevention and advocacy. Look through blogs, chat rooms, and discussion forums. See how people support one another.

There are computers and equipment to help people with disabilities. Learn more about devices that can make information or help available to you.

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